Writing master’s theses – what is the point of seeing in this university?

Writing master’s theses by students is controversial.

More specifically, it’s about ordering them to write. Graduating from master’s studies, the student is required to write a master’s thesis and defend it. Master’s theses are largely reconstructive and students often complain about it. Such works have no place for their own creativity, for real research and experience, from which they will draw their own conclusions.

This type of master’s thesis forces the student to search through dozens of literature positions and describe what they got to know with their own words. Lack of creative creativity, creative thinking, lack of the possibility of critically treating the subject, on the basis of even your own experience. The other opinion is promoters who claim that such work would be incompatible with university standards.

They are often afraid to pilot topics that nobody has written about before. European education in this area seems to be still ossified. Instead of supporting creativity and entrepreneurship, repetition, reproduction and lack of one’s own thinking are supported. Or maybe that’s what it’s about? Maybe the system does not want people in the society who ask too many difficult questions. Because they are uncomfortable. Because they have their own opinion. Because they will not let themselves impose the opinion of others. Neither the master’s theses nor even the master’s studies guarantee the young person’s preparation for living in today’s realities.

Master’s theses – disadvantages and their advantages.

Writing master’s theses is a necessity in the English education system. This is the opposite of the system we have in the US. In the United States, a student writes a master’s thesis when he thinks that he will need it in his career. There is no obligation to write master’s theses. This example shows that without writing master’s thesis you can get around. The American system is probably a very good solution. Generally, education system would be much more useful for freedom. The best probably world education system is currently in Switzerland. There is no one centrally planned education system in this country. Each student chooses a teacher there who is more a trainer of practical issues than a pure theoretician.

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